Great News In The Press - Right Left & Center Report That The Fish Are Back

Great News In The Press – Right Left & Center Report That The Fish Are Back

Is The News Media Finally Paying Attention To The Fish? We can only hope.

Right Left and Center we must be doing something right

Last week on Earth Day out of the blue-green a very complimentary story was published in the National Review Online, a rather right of center to put it mildly media source. Robert Zubrin who has followed my work was inspired by the fact that fish are coming back that he wrote about me and my work.

The Pacific’s Salmon Are Back — Thank Human Ingenuity 

The question could Geoengineering turn our long-barren oceans into a bounty. The verdict is now in on this highly controversial experiment: It worked.


Then today I woke up to see news from the polar opposite side of the media spectrum a left of center media source called Treehugger published another report on me and my work. OK this is coll both the right and the left seem to be paying attention to the miracle of the fish coming back in historic numbers. 

TREEHUGGER April 28, 2014

Did Russ George’s experiment actually work?

I contacted Russ George, our local iron man about the his latest iron seeding project off British Columbia, which, it turns out, had truly amazing, positive impact.

By John Laumer 


But the day was not yet over and to round out the news of the day FORBES came out with the best of all stories mid-day with some incredibly complimentary comments.

FORBES April 28, 2014

Iron Fertilisation Of The Oceans Produces Fish And Sequesters Carbon 

There’s also the reason why it so interests me and other economic types: it appears to be amazingly cheap as a way of dealing with climate change. Quite possibly the cheapest thing we could possibly do about it.

By Tim Worstall


Just maybe, with your help, we can tell the world that we can actually do something incredibly good for the planet, afford to do it, and make it happen right away!



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