Ocean Pastures Corporate News

Ocean Pastures Corporate News

Presently Ocean Pastures corporation operates in the United States and Canada.

Very soon we will be opening operations in partnership with fishing and ocean science industry leaders in countries around the world to restore ocean pastures to health and abundance and bring back the fish in all of the seven seas.


An American first grader enjoying a salmon sandwich. Perhaps one of the 100 million servings of our Alaska salmon provided as food aid by the US Department of Agriculture from the record 2013 catch of salmon in Alaska.

Our intention is to put more than 1 billion additional fish on the plates of people around the world in the next few years. In ten years time the world’s ocean fish populations can be restored to historic abundance almost everywhere!

Because of this years second record breaking salmon harvest the USDA and State of Alaska are now in negotiations to send an additional 200 million servings of salmon to American kids in need.

Growing all those fish means restored and revived ocean plant life, phyto-plankton, the “grass of ocean pastures”, will re-purpose billions of tonnes of CO2 away from it’s inevitable ocean acidification path of destruction into becoming ocean life itself.