Ocean Pasture Stewardship Technologies

Our work has led us to become the most learned stewards of ocean pastures in the world and that learning is providing us with the incentive and the means to invent and discover needed tools, techniques, technology, and know how. These make up our rich portfolio of intellectual property. We are working to share what we know with others so that they too may give back to the oceans so that those oceans can continue to give back to us all.

So that we might practice practical ocean pasture management we are engaged in learning by doing and by teaching. In the world of pasture management in terrestrial ecosystems there are a many professions that one can be taught at agricultural college. These  include soil science (pedology), water science (hydrology), grass science (agronomy), horticulture, veterinary, range management, pasture management, forest management, silviculture, and many many more…

On our small blue planet the notion that our oceans are also our pastures is such a new idea that almost no applied management disciplines have been conceived let alone created and taught as part of higher education. The exception of course are those disciplines that are directed at grim and relentless reaping wild sea life. In the less 0.1% of the oceans that represents shoreline environments we do have some forms of aquaculture. Ocean stewardship and mariculture is a dream of only a few, if you are one of these we’d like to hear from you.

The work of Ocean Pastures Corporation is changing the way the world looks upon our oceans and  manages those oceans not as wild places and a “no man’s land” but as our most important ocean pastures and our ocean commons “all man’s land” it is a true pioneering environment, the last frontier.