Work With Us

Ocean Pastures Corp. works with ocean and fisheries stake holders around the world.

We invite partnering opportunities to participate and collaborate on research and development projects around the world.

As the global leader in ocean stewardship OPC is proving that our brand of sustainable ocean stewardship returns vast areas of the world’s depleted oceans to historic abundance and brings back fish into the nets and onto the plates more effectively and affordably than any other means of ocean and fishery management.

Our methods and technologies are not merely notions and ideas they are proven at large commercial scale. Just one result of our 2012 project in the NE Pacific returned the largest catch of salmon in Alaskan history. Where the experts projected a big catch of 50 million Pink salmon last fall (2013) 226 million of our pasture fed wild Alaska salmon filled nets of fishermen. The direct economic boon to fishermen was in excess of $500 million dollars of unexpected sales.

If you are in the fishing industry you ought to be looking at becoming not just the catchers of your fish but the stewards of the fish pastures where we can show you how small investments in giving back to the ocean will bring enormous sustainable returns of fish immediately and into the future.

If you are in government and responsible for fisheries and economic development you ought to be looking to becoming not just regulators and enforcers but rather the stewards of your nations ocean fish pastures. We can show you how small investments in ocean pasture stewardship will bring back historic abundance of fish to your fishermen and people and in doing so bring very substantial economic benefits to your society.

If you are in academia and institutional research you  ought to be looking to develop new applied ocean pasture science disciplines that mirror the myriad specialty science and trade programs that are seen in terrestrial agriculture. The era of oceans as wilderness hunting grounds must come to an end and ocean pasture management must begin. We can show you how.

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